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Higher quality, greater value and better accountability.

Saraya Resort brought together in joint forces two companies, Caphy Internaiotnal and Caphy Contracting in order to provide best possible project and service. They have been delivering high quality professional development services, a total turn-key solution by offering a complete project package from finance, land acquisition, construction, to completion and property management.



Why should I invest in Saraya Resort

Saraya Resort is an incredible mountainside resort, on perfect location, just 5 minutes drive from the heart of the city, with world class accommodations and amenities. It is a place where you will create wonderful memories for a lifetime.

  • Just 5 minutes drive from the heart of the city
  • Turn-key luxury villas and apartments, with world class amenities
  • High returns on initial investment
  • Diwaniya with recreation center, gym, indoor pool, cafes, hotel
    accommodation, airport pick ups and business center
We strive for leadership in the industry by understanding your needs by designing projects and services, which enable us to exceed your expectations. We will always demonstrate care for our clients through anticipation of their needs, attention to detail, distinctive excellence, warmth and concern




Just 5 minutes-drive from the heart of the city

Enjoy a perfect location, an oasis of tranquility and complete relaxation, just 5 minutes drive from the city buzz.


Turn-key luxury villas and apartments, with world class amenities

You and your guests can enjoy recreation centre, gym, or a relaxing day poolside at our indoor pool and cafes at Diwaniya,  and business centre at disposal to feel comfortable, welcomed and secured.


High returns on initial investment

You will be in the heart of the the most exciting real estate opportunity in Sarajevo. If you wish, we will provide Estate Management Service for short-term rental that can earn you high returns on initial investment.

our team

  • Malik Dubravic
    Malik has a engineering degree in Construction Project Management. He has more than 20 solid years of work…
  • Valida Hallilovic
    Valida has a Bachelor Degree in Political science. She has more than 2 solid years of work experience in different job positions. She…
  • Ronilo Aguilar
    He graduated in 1984 majoring in Civil Engineering. He has more than 25 solid years of hands on…
  • Sara Pozega
    Sara is undergoing a Degree in  Marketing.  She has excellent communication skills and interpresonal skills Yasmin is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn